Parents were forced to bring their children home and participate in less-than-ideal online learning programs. Realizing this wasn’t working for their children, they decided to homeschool. During the 2020/2021 school year, homeschooling in VA increased from 38,000 students to 59,000 students. In the last three years, it has only slightly decreased to 54,000 students, remaining considerably higher than in 2019/2020.

Although we don’t have exact numbers of parents who chose to send their children to private school during this same period, we do know private school enrollment increased significantly the same time homeschooling saw a dramatic increase. At the same time, public school enrollment decreased and is expected to decrease over the next five to six years. Not all of this decrease is due to parents removing their children from public school; some of it is attributable to demographics.

Nonetheless, parents are finding alternative ways to better educate their children. One of those ways is to enroll them in a microschool, which is an extension of homeschooling. Parents can decide to work with their children any number of days during the week that fits their schedule and then send them to a micro-school that supplements their child’s learning. The micro-school movement is emerging as an innovative and entrepreneurial way to provide a quality education.

To learn more please visit the National Microschooling Center website.