Virginia Capital

Building Coalitions. Delivering Results

The Middle Resolution Policy Foundation’s mission is to build and sustain statewide coalitions that focus on Virginia’s policy challenges through engagement and education.

Third Annual

Virginia Education Summit


Education Entrepreneurship:
The Future of Education in Virginia

Saturday, May 18
9:00am – 4:00pm
Maggiano’s Little Italy

11800 W Broad St
Henrico, VA 23233

Coalitions – The Cornerstone of Effective Change

Building coalitions to drive positive change is the cornerstone of our “melting pot” society. Americans come from diverse backgrounds and abound with ideas on how to improve their lives and their communities. Effective communication, respect for all perspectives and establishing common ground are the tools necessary to build coalitions that can unite and drive positive outcomes. Be it in the policy arena or in the court of public opinion, well built coalitions are a powerful force and can create lasting change in our society.

The Middle Resolution Policy Foundation seeks to unite coalitions around common sense policies that improve the lives of all Virginians. By doing so, citizens are empowered to engage in their local communities at a grassroots level as well as at the state or national level. Most importantly and fundamental to the focus of the Foundation are outcomes that are centered around the advancement of equal opportunity, equal justice and personal responsibility.

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