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Building Coalitions. Delivering Results

The Middle Resolution Policy Network’s mission is to build and sustain conservative statewide coalitions that address Virginia’s policy challenges through education and legislative activism.

The Importance of Coalition Building

In politics, when there is a question about why a legislator voted for a certain bill, often the answer is, “Follow the money.” This axiom is true no matter where you are geographically or historically.

When you dig deep, you typically find that there are a lot of well funded organizations who pressure legislators to vote for policies that enrich that organization. It doesn’t matter if it is a business, an association or a union, there is almost always money driving decisions in politics. So, the question becomes, “How does the average citizen make their voice heard and change the outcome of a particular policy proposal?” The answer lies in unifying the passion and energy of the grassroots. True grassroots coalitions may not have the financial resources that large organizations have but they have the most powerful resource at their disposal – their vote! When a large group of voters let their voices be heard, legislators listen.

An effective coalition can shift the balance of power in a conflict situation and alter the future direction of that conflict. Individuals who aggregate their resources and work as a team tend to be much more powerful and more capable of advancing their interests, than those who operate alone. Furthermore, an activist who has the support of a coalition will feel much more empowered to challenge a more well funded organization.

Coalitions may be built around any issue and at any scale of society, from neighborhood issues to state level issues to international conflict. At The Middle Resolution Policy Network we focus on creating well organized grassroots coalitions to drive good public policy that advances equal opportunity, equal justice and personal responsibility.

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