Virginia Fair Elections

The integrity of our election system is at the core of the American experiment in self-governance. Free and fair elections must be preserved, protected and actively advocated for in order to ensure the principle of one man-one vote.  

Over time, the election process in America has become complicated, heavily influenced by outside groups and organizations, less transparent and lacking in accountability.  In addition, it has become a legislative and regulatory quagmire. 

In response to the uncertainty of election results in the 2020 Presidential election,  The Middle Resolution organized and hosted, in conjunction with the Virginia Voters Alliance, the first Virginia Election Integrity Summit in March 2021.  At that conference,  activists, election experts and distinguished speakers came together to discuss and debate how elections are run in our country.  Given that a deep distrust of our elections is now pervasive and average citizens want to engage in improving the systems, the Virginia Fair Elections coalition was born.  

More than a year later with two additional election integrity conferences held, this Coalition, consisting of partner non-profit organizations and local election integrity committees, is thriving and influencing how election systems are run in Virginia.  In 2021 alone, over 4,000 people were trained to work the November 2021 election. The goal of increasing transparency, improving accountability at the state and local level and educating voters and legislators is an ongoing effort aimed at building confidence in Virginia’s election system.  

Key to VFE’s success to date is weekly collaboration with stakeholder groups and local election integrity task forces.  Whether a task force is just getting started or has been in existence since the beginning of the coalition, all are welcome to join in this effort to network, provide information and build best practices in their locality.  Currently, the coalition is building a library of training modules that will serve to assist in understanding how elections work in Virginia.  From poll watcher and election official training to understanding the Central Absentee Precinct process to the purpose and function of local electoral boards,  VFE seeks to ensure that all local leaders and their volunteers are well informed.  
We welcome newcomers to the VFE coalition as we seek to make sure that all elections in Virginia are Free and Fair.  Be sure to stay up to date with notices and training opportunities as our coalition continues to grow and provide valuable resources for volunteers all over Virginia.