The Virginia Education Opportunity Alliance

The Virginia Education Opportunity Alliance’s mission is to create a statewide coalition that will demonstrate that education choice in Virginia is both a win-win for public schools, independent schools and parents.

The VEOA Executive Committee includes The Middle Resolution Policy Network, Virginia Institute of Public Policy, Thomas Jefferson Institute, The Family Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, and Heritage Action.

Our primary objective is to advance parental rights in education. Under Virginia Code (1-240.1), “Parents have the fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent’s child.” The concept of parental rights encompasses a broad spectrum of issues. At the VEOA, we believe by giving parents a broad range of education choices and increasing transparency within the public education system, parents will be empowered to make the right choices for their child’s education.

We are focused on two pieces of legislation. Universal Education Savings Accounts (Referred to as The Hope Scholarship), which allows tax dollars to follow the student not a building. ESAs are the most comprehensive education choice legislation available today. It aligns directly with the Virginia Code providing parents with the “fundamental right” to make the best decisions for their child’s education. Additionally, we will be focusing on transparency legislation. This will allow parents to review the materials being presented in each class to determine if they want their children to attend certain classes or remain in the public-school system.  

Our goal is to pass both the The Hope Scholarship and transparency legislation in the General Assembly and get them to the Governor’s desk for signature and implementation. The Governor, Lt. Governor and the Attorney General of Virginia have expressed support for this legislation.The VEOA coalition will be providing training and resources to grow local grassroots and train them so they can effectively contact legislators in their district letting them know that they want more choices in educating their children and more transparency in their public schools. At the same time, we will be working with the Youngkin administration, the leadership in the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate to secure their support for passage.

The Virginia Education Summit

Join us for the Virginia Education Summit, May 6 and 7 at the Virginia Crossings Hotel and Conference Center (1000 Virginia Center Pkwy, Glen Allen, VA 23059) to meet parents, activists and legislators from across Virginia who are engaged in restoring and reforming our education system and ensuring that there is true education choice in Virginia.  Let’s make sure that every child succeeds!

Conference Schedule

Friday, May 6 – School Board Candidate Training


Thinking about running for School Board? Concerned that your school board is not responsive to your community? Register here for a full day School Board Candidate training! Hosted by The Leadership Institute and Noah Webster Educational Foundation

Friday, May 6 Program

4pm Registration opens

5:30 – 7:30pm General Conference opening and Reception with Special Guest Speakers Congressman Bob Good (VA-05) and Mr. Ian Prior, Executive Director of Fight for Schools and Senior Advisor, America First Legal.

Saturday, May 7 Program

7:00am Registration Opens

7:30am Breakfast

8:00am – 5:30 pm

Guest Speakers:

  • Senator Patricia Rucker, (WV16)
  • Beth Ann Rosica, Executive Director, Back to School PA
  • Katie Gorka, The Heritage Foundation
  • Elizabeth Schultz, Assistant Superintendent, Virginia Dept of Education

In addition, Virginia legislators, parents, teachers, independent school representatives and school board members will join us on panels to speak on the following topics:

  • Ensuring School Boards are accountable to parents and children
  • Legislative opportunities to provide quality education for Virginia students
  • Independent School options for families
  • The real impact of school closure on children and families
  • Confronting the serious challenges in Virginia’s education systems
  • Grassroots organization and engagement to effect change in Virginia’s schools

There has never been a more important time to come together to engage in restoring quality, demanding accountability and transparency, exploring education options and ensuring that children are put first. So join us on May 6 & 7 at the VA Crossings Hotel and Conference Center, 1000 Virginia Center Parkway, Glen Allen, VA.

Conference Speakers

Ian Prior
Ian Prior, Esq
Executive Director, Fight for Schools and Senior Advisor, America First Legal

Ian Prior is a Senior Advisor at America First Legal and the Executive Director of Fight for Schools. He has previously served as the Principal Deputy Director of Public Affairs in the Trump Department of Justice, Communications Director of Senate Leadership Fund, and National Spokesperson for the National Republican Congressional Committee. Prior to working in the political arena, he was an attorney in New England.

Congressman Bob Good
Congressman Bob Good
Congressman, Virginia’s 5th District

Congressman Bob Good was elected to Congress in 2020 and represents the 5th District of Virginia.  Prior to running for Congress,  Bob was the Senior Associate Athletic Director and Executive Director of the Flames Club at Liberty University.  He served on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors from 2016-2019. Congressman Good currently serves on the education and labor and the budget committees.  He is a member of the Freedom Caucus and the Republican Study Committee.

Elizabeth Schultz
Elizabeth Shultz
Virginia Assistant State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ms. Schultz serves as Governor Youngkin’s Assistant State Superintendent of Public Instruction, is the former U.S. Department of Education’s Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Technology, and served two terms as an outlier voice of common sense on the Fairfax County School Board, championing accountability, educational excellence, and parental rights.

Senator Patricia Rucker
Senator Patricia Rucker
State Senate, West Virginia’s 16th District

Senator Patricia Rucker serves the 16th District in the West Va. Legislature.  Her Committee assignment as Chair of the Education Committee and member of the Select Committee on Children and Families has enabled her to advocate for issues important to education reform and matters of concern to parents and children.  In 2021, under her leadership, West Virginia passed comprehensive legislation to allow state tax dollars to follow a families choice to educate their child in the form of Education Savings Accounts.

Katie Gorka
Katharine Gorka
Director of the Feulner Institute’s Center for Civil Society and the American Dialogue

Katharine Gorka is the Director for Civil Society and the American Dialogue at the Heritage Foundation’s Edwin J. Feulner Institute. In 2016, Katie joined the Trump Transition Team and then served as senior advisor in the Office of Policy at the Department of Homeland Security from 2017 to 2019, where she focused on strategies for prevention of terrorism and targeted violence. From June to August 2019 she served as the press secretary for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. From 1996 to 2008, she lived in Budapest, Hungary, where she came to understand firsthand the devastating impact of communism and developed a lifelong commitment to fighting for freedom and American exceptionalism.

Beth Ann Rosica
Beth Ann Rosica
Executive Director of Back to School Pennsylvania

Beth Ann Rosica currently serves as the Executive Director of Back to School PA, a political action committee that was created in 2021 to support school board candidates who were fully committed to keeping our schools open and holding those accountable for closing our schools. The PAC supported over 200 candidates in the November 2021 election, and 60% of those candidates won seats on their local school board. Beth Ann holds a Ph.D. in Education and has spent her career advocating on behalf of underserved and at-risk children and families.