June 1, 2022
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Contact the Governor’s Office TODAY!

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After months of stand-offs and deliberations, the Virginia Legislature is prepared to pass it’s biennial budget today. The House and Senate conferees have met and the Virginia legislature, divided by party, has prepared a budget as required by law.

Unfortunately, while there are line items that we would disagree should be included in the budget, one of the most noticeable ones for us is the reduction from $25M to $12M in funding provided for the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit program ( EISTC).

Virginia Democrats ran Virginia for the past eight years and ​they refused to allow any expansion of education choice. Additionally, they tried to repeal the EISTC, targeted for low income children. Now there is an attempt to essentially remove 50% of the potential funding for children who deserve a chance to go to a better school.

Never has there been more interest in providing education opportunities for all children following the disastrous Covid shutdown. And for children who have little to no choice and need assistance, those opportunities are now being reduced or eliminated in this biennial budget.

We urge you to contact Governor Youngkin’s office TODAY and urge him to restore the full funding for the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit program. It’s time to stand up for every child in the Commonwealth and bring true educational freedom to Virginia.

Contact the Governor’s office at 804 786-2211 AND email Governor Youngkin’s office at https://gov-cs-prod.powerappsportals.us/emailtogovernor/ and respectfully ask the Governor to fully fund the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit program.

Let’s make sure that every child in Virginia has a chance for a good education, regardless of where they live or what their circumstances are!